$ 5.4.6 % v 5.4.6 _ Dec 23, 2016 * Christmas text macro * Bug Fix: Support for Android 7 multi-window * Bug Fix: Attempt at fixing link click crash bug * Bug Fix: Camera fix for Android 7 * Bug Fix: Less buggy with ThomW server failures $ 5.4.5 % v 5.4.5 _ July 20, 2016 * PostQueue database moved to its own database to avoid threaded locking issues * Bug Fix: external browser bad link for https * Bug Fix: Hopefully many of the odd crashes that were due to database locking issues $ 5.4.4 % v 5.4.4 _ July 14, 2016 * Macros menu cleaned up * Bug Fix: Bug where post button disppears * Bug Fix: Another attempt at reigning in refresh threads snackbar * Bug Fix: Crashes based on odd support library bugs * Bug Fix: Article viewer opens external links in browser now $ 5.4.3 % v 5.4.3 _ July 6, 2016 * Bug Fix: Android N preview app crash on some threads (thanks Horn for providing thread ID to test with!) * Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where refresh threads snackbar appeared when it should not * Bug Fix: App crash due to database threading issue * Bug Fix: App crash opening external browser on certain images $ 5.4.2 % v 5.4.2 _ July 1, 2016 * Just in time for July 4, AMERICA shacktag macro! * Also rainbow and allcaps macros. Be careful using allcaps on existing shacktags * Database for starred posts instead of using flat file (more reliable) * Bug Fix: Disappearing post button with post preview $ 5.4.1 % v 5.4.1 _ Jun 26, 2016 * Only starred posts from last 18 hours show in latest chatty thread list, all others in Starred Posts section * Small UI tweaks * Frontpage articles load much faster * Bug Fix: Refresh threads prompt in starred posts area * Bug Fix: Long standing autozoom setup bug $ 5.4.0 % v 5.4.0 _ Jun 24, 2016 * Post composer redesigned * ShackMessage Polling (defaults to once per 3 hrs, using ~1mb data/mo) * Refresh prompt for old thread list on app resume, also updated collapse undo prompt * ChattyPics Uploader now allows backing out of the URL action dialog * Notification database auto-pruning to keep app size in check * Updated all libraries, Android N build target * Bug Fix: Regression allowing root post to have show parent preview in composer which caused crash * Bug Fix: Link options button disabled on all links instead of only images when auto-embed active * Bug Fix: Popup browser now opens current page when external browser opened instead of original link URL $ 5.3.3 % v 5.3.3 _ May 21, 2016 * New document chooser for uploading images, should fix bugs $ 5.3.2 % v 5.3.2 _ Mar 19, 2016 * Backup Agent disabled. I think this may have been screwing up notifications on reinstalls * Updated list of mods and employees for name highlighting * ChromeTab share button removed since it didn't work anyway. I've had a lot of issues with this API and ChromeTabs now default off. Use only if you absolutely need to. * Bug Fix: Some chatty links not loading in app $ 5.3.1 % v 5.3.1 _ Jan 24, 2016 * Popup Browser now loads imgur albums correctly * Popup Browser now clears cache occasionally to prevent errors/crashes * Option to allow collapsing posts by clicking on them. You guys are weird. * Chrome Tabs are no longer default on * Bug Fix: Crash on zoom adjust * Bug Fix: Inline images not recognizing UPPERCASE EXTENSIONS $ 5.3.0 % v 5.3.0 _ Jan 18, 2016 * Chrome Tabs for browser (major enhancement for built-in web browser) * WinChatty NuSearch is now used if you have a v2 API selected. Older APIs use shack search * Support undoing your LOL (just LOL it again, instead of an error you now undo it) * Support for older chatty URLs * No longer possible to close a post by clicking the header * Can copy username of a post to clipboard * Bug Fix: Custom LOLs weren't being shown correctly in search. Custom LOL is still unsupported generally * Bug Fix: Stats not working with cloud sync/cloud sync not working (data corruption event on server, corrupted data is now handled correctly) $ 5.2.3 % v 5.2.3 _ Dec 11, 2015 * Bug Fix: Crash in Android 6.0 devices when selecting text and tapping outside selected text $ 5.2.2 % v 5.2.2 _ Oct 11, 2015 * Samsung Multi-window support added * Bug Fix: Crash when posting to the last thread in the thread list $ 5.2.1 % v 5.2.1 _ Aug 27, 2015 * Can long click embedded images for options menu * Bug Fix: Fixed clipping issue with large font zoom on root post username * Bug Fix: Different font sizes for post text on some devices * Bug Fix: Article links and embedded images obey link preference $ 5.2.0 % v 5.2.0 _ Aug 26, 2015 * Expired threads display a large animated red banner at the top which can be disabled * Blue dot indicator and replies number in thread list immediately updates when you post a reply * Embed some images (no GIFs) in posts with lazy-load auto-embedder * Option to disable auto-embed based on wifi status. Default: Wifi embed only * Option to hide link options icon. Default: Hide * Option to control whether embedded images have their link text hidden. Default: Hide * Bug Fix: Crash on blank posts $ 5.1.5 % v 5.1.5 _ Apr 20, 2015 * Can open threads by id in navigation menu * Bug Fix: Thread scroll on app resume, not selecting post after posted * Bug Fix: Donate button * Bug Fix: Frontpage $ 5.1.4 % v 5.1.4 _ Apr 8, 2015 * Extended editor in post composer * Rearranged some things in post composer * Bug Fix: A few crashes and some edge cases when the app was dormant and returned to after long periods of time * Bug Fix: Blue/bold backwards $ 5.1.3 % v 5.1.3 _ Mar 19, 2015 * Reply view animations are now much more stable when clicking fast * Can now disable standalone chattypics app in preferences if you are afraid of accidentally sharing images to it with your ridiculous butterfingers * Bug Fix: Notification statistics counting. Recommended you wipe stats if this matters to you. * Bug Fix: Weird layout bug with search in splitview * Crash Fix: replying to threads with deep subthreads * Crash Fix: change default link action in link option menu $ 5.1.2 % v 5.1.2 _ Mar 7, 2015 * Slight performance improvement when writing stats. Will be noticed throughout app * Bug Fix: Font size preference fixes all over the app * Bug Fix: Some preferences not taking effect immediately * Bug Fix: Per day calculation in stats * Bug Fix: Shackmessage prompt dialogs * Crash Fix: 4.0.4 versions of android $ 5.1.1 % v 5.1.1 _ Mar 6, 2015 * Your local stats will wipe with this update * Can opt out of stats * Time/day for time in app stat * Bug Fix: Stats with max display had serious bug * Bug Fix: Lime case sensitivity related bug * Bug Fix: Local stats were not kept separate for different users * Bug Fix: ChattyPics standalone upload app was not obliterating file names $ 5.1.0 % v 5.1.0 _ Mar 3, 2015 * User stats, synced to the cloud between all devices * Notification settings easier to get to * More material dialogs * Easter egg * the man with the briefcase gets a briefcase icon * Click taglines for new taglines * Slidey animation * Now injecting mobile-friendly CSS into frontpage viewer for faster loading * Bug Fix: highlighted app menu section when notifications disabled * Bug Fix: Statusbar color on lollipop * Bug Fix: Saved searches location on app menu $ 5.0.2 % v 5.0.2 _ Feb 21, 2015 * Basic themes, more to come in future * Added Chatty.pics support * Tweaked golden lime * Bug Fix: Reload threads button now brings back to top $ 5.0.1 % v 5.0.1 _ Feb 18, 2015 * Bug Fix: Rare bug where messages never load due to faulty regex * Bug Fix: Reload threads doesn't warp to top * Bug Fix: Weird transparency issue $ 5.0.0 % v 5.0.0 _ Feb 13, 2015 * Material Design * New visuals, icons, colors, and layouts * Frontpage section * Redesigned preferences * More taglines * Gold Limes for big spender donators * Preferences are finally a fragment instead of an activity * Increased max resolution and quality of camera uploads * Removed analytics * Crash fixes * Bug Fix: Crash with some camera uploads $ 4.0.6 % v 4.0.6 _ Jan 31, 2015 * Threw in some Lollipop icons * Posts less than 6 characters are automatically padded with spaces to get around the Shacknews limit * Bug Fix: Sometimes message text would be saved as a draft when it shouldn't * Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the preview parser causing it to seem as though posts with <3 in them posted incorrectly when in reality everything went ok $ 4.0.5 % v 4.0.5 _ Dec 11, 2014 * Bug Fix: Not collapsing long post threadtrees appropriately * Color tweaks $ 4.0.4 % v 4.0.4 _ Sept 19, 2014 * All donator features are now publicly available * Previous donators will automatically have their donator status uploaded to the woggle server * Previous donators will remain able to change lime icon settings, but limes can no longer be bought by new users * Bug Fix: Weird names not able to log in * Bug Fix: Crashes $ 4.0.3 % v 4.0.3 _ Sept 6, 2014 * More taglines * Updated mod list (thanks Frozen Pixel) * Better notification preference syncing between server and client * Bug Fix: Not scrolling to post after replying to root in long thread * Bug Fix: Multiple notifications coming in at once do not all get recorded to notification history * Bug Fix: Crashes $ 4.0.2 % v 4.0.2 _ Sept 3, 2014 * Taglines at load/reload * Bug Fix: First post not connected to rest of posts * Bug Fix: Should be no more weird auto scrolling * Bug Fix: Crashes $ 4.0.1 % v 4.0.1 _ Aug 20, 2014 * More likely to directly show post instead of scrolling from search clicks * Bug Fix: Crashes related to multithreading synchronization $ 4.0.0 % v 4.0.0 _ Aug 18, 2014 * Post expansion animations (animation speed in preferences) * Visual tweaks * New progress bar includes gnushack color * LOL tagging is asynchronous, with a loading icon on the post you lolled * Many many optimizations * Postqueue service bug fix for posting to nuked threads $ 3.3.3 % v 3.3.3 _ Jul 9, 2014 * Minor layout and color changes * Can clear queued posts if they are stuck (navigation menu at the bottom) * Bug Fix: Notifications not setting up after reinstall or new phone $ 3.3.2 % v 3.3.2 _ Jun 22, 2014 * Can select post text and click search to search posts for selection * Can click username and highlight user in thread * Bug Fix: Attempt at fixing posting stops working with network errors * Bug Fix: Attempt at fixing double posts from post queue * Bug Fix: Saved searches show up in appmenu in right place even when notifications are enabled $ 3.3.1 % v 3.3.1 _ May 28, 2014 * Buggy link-long-click replaced with icon-buttons after links * Bug Fix: Resetting notification setting on upgrade * Bug Fix: Can't set reply and vanity preference for notifications * Bug Fix: Links don't show up in recent local posts * Bug Fix: Attempt at fixing double posts from post queue $ 3.3.0 % v 3.3.0 _ May 23, 2014 * Post Queue Service * - Your posts will be queued to be sent in a database-backed queue * - If you change apps, your posts will still send * - If you lose connectivity, your posts will send when network becomes available, even if you are in another app * - If you restart your phone, your posts will send when you restart Shack Browse * - You will get notifications when you are in other apps and your posts PRL or send * - If you are in the app, you'll get a toast when being PRL'd * - Queued posts are denoted with loading spinners and will show up in the threads they are destined for * Massive optimization of scrolling and post clicking in threads with very long text posts * New API server: Woggle V2 (based on winchatty v2) * Cloud pinning is now done on woggle server (and should now work again, but only among shack browse devices) * Bug Fix: ThomW ShackLOL with usernames with spaces in them * Bug Fix: Shouldn't reset vanity/reply notification preferences on upgrade $ 3.2.1 % v 3.2.1 _ Apr 27, 2014 * Undo button after collapsing threads * Support Android 4.1 inbox style notifications and big swipe-down notifications * Swipe / dismiss notifications now resets number notifications missed * Swipe-to-dismiss gesture support on notification viewer in app $ 3.2.0 % v 3.2.0 _ Apr 22, 2014 * New instant notification system ** Much more resilient than old system ** Works better with multiple devices ** Allows opt-in and opt-out of vanity and reply notifications separately ** Vanity notifications are a donator feature ** Custom keyword notifications (donator feature) * Notifications history list, accessible from navigation pane * Removed ellipsizing on threadlist due to bad android roms (Thanks Google) $ 3.1.6 % v 3.1.6 _ Apr 3, 2014 * Auto version check * Composer: Long-press-on-word markup selector is more consistent. * Threadview: Post text is selectable and copyable. This feature has been a goal for 1 year. * ChattyPics Uploader: This is now a separate application included in the package. To use it, android-share an image. Now allows you to copy to clipboard or make a new post. * Search Results: Button to edit current search parameters of current search results. Should improve app flow when clicking a username to search posts and then wanting to filter results. * Search: "Tagger" added to advanced lol search * ShackLOL: new ThomW ShackLOL API support * NOTICE: OLD VERSIONS OF SHACKBROWSE WILL NOT WORK WITH THOMW SHACKLOL IN 2 MONTHS $ 3.1.5 % v 3.1.5 _ Mar 14, 2014 * Bug Fix: Opening app via notification of single reply * Bug Fix: Opening app via link in another app * Bug Fix: Opening app sometimes results in app resetting * Bug Fix: Bug in TurboAPI implementation causing pointless requests * Bug Fix: Crash on LG G2 when long press word (maybe?) $ 3.1.4 % v 3.1.4 _ Jan 27, 2014 * Bug Fix: Posting threads has delay in rare instances * Bug Fix: NWS post filter * Bug Fix: Rare bug where duplicate posts show when app db is corrupted $ 3.1.3 % v 3.1.3 _ Jan 16, 2014 * Bug Fix: Odd behavior on app resume * Bug Fix: Crash fixes * Bug Fix: Sharing to Shack Browse * Bug Fix: Various other minor polish $ 3.1.0 % v 3.1.0 _ Jan 15, 2014 * New way to setup popup browser autozoom * WinChatty V2 preference, allows use of WinChatty V2 API/database when possible (default enabled) (thanks arhughes) * WinChatty V2 API implemented in API ping tool * Caching optimization should dramatically (90%) reduce memory used by treebranch images, large threads should load much faster (thanks arhughes) * Network timeouts now 30 seconds * Can share link URLs from inside popup browser * Bug Fix: When sharing or copying links from inside popup browser when it was started with the "view all images in post" button, all image links will be shared/copied instead of just the first one * Bug Fix: Thread collapsing much more robust * Bug Fix: Bug clicking links inside spoilers $ 3.0.2 % v 3.0.2 _ Dec 9, 2013 * Function to highlight text in a thread * To prevent odd bugs, all network actions timeout at 50 seconds * More optimization of threadlist scrolling * Dark background * Better link long click, now with haptic feedback * Bug Fix: Post is not fully shown sometimes when clicking on it * Bug Fix: Sometimes posts from search are not scrolled to after opening in dualpane * Bug Fix: Sometimes reply preview rows have styling * Bug Fix: Prevent double vibe when receiving two notifications in a row (like with vanity notifications) $ 3.0.1 % v 3.0.1 _ Nov 27, 2013 * Note: Rush release for bug fixes. May be unstable. * Thread list scrolling optimizations, now smooth as butter * Usernames are findable with find on page * News posts quick search * Slightly more difficult to initiate swipe to collapse * Bug Fix: Posting hang * Bug Fix: Ping button, also cancelable now * Bug Fix: Keyword filtering change: collapse function REMOVED, supercollapse = collapse. Check your keyword filters * Bug Fix: Retry button on search results * Bug Fix: Find on page stays open when opening thread * Bug Fix: Rewrote backend of networking. Fixes numerous bugs. $ 3.0.0 % v 3.0.0 _ Nov 20, 2013 * Only Android 4.0+ Supported * Uses Action Bar * Uses Navigation Drawer * Pull to refresh on thread replies * Swipe to collapse * Preference for swipe to collapse * New Visual Styles * New Optimizations * Many bug fixes $ 2.3.8 % v 2.3.8 _ Nov 4, 2013 * Crash fixes $ 2.3.7 % v 2.3.7 _ Oct 28, 2013 * Collapse button removed * Feedback quick SM button * Changed analytics for use with SB 3.0 design * Cloud actions are now more verbose when manually started * A thread author bug has been fixed on the appspot.com API server * Bug fix: A crash with shackmessaging from reply view should be fixed * Bug fix: "Re:" being added to shackmessage subject even when not a reply * Bug fix: a bug when returning from settings should be fixed $ 2.3.6 % v 2.3.6 _ Oct 18, 2013 * Nested spoilers now behave as they do on shacknews * Shackmessages are checked on app launch when wifi is connected, and a notification will popup if you have new SMs * Preference to check for SMs at app launch while on cell network * Visual fixes * Tagging posts is now cancelable * Bug Fix: Image sharing intents (dropbox export and probably others) * Bug Fix: Attempt at fixing out of memory errors $ 2.3.5 % v 2.3.5 _ Sep 24, 2013 * Errant "Cloud Data will load shortly" threads are now auto-fixed with background cloud sync process * Long press search results to check for LOL Tagger List * Show who lol'd is now an option for DONATOR QuickLOL * Slightly less likely to receive irrelevant notifications * Layout tweaks * Bug Fix: Layout bug on Android 2.3 * Bug Fix: multiple app crash bugs * Bug Fix: hopefully fixed restore-app crash $ % v _ Sep 7, 2013 * Bug Fix: Hotfix for Android 2.3 crash $ 2.3.4 % v 2.3.4 _ Sep 6, 2013 * Can see who lol'd/tag'd/wtf'd etc individual posts (in post overflow button) * Settings re-unified * Numerous visual tweaks * Fast scroll is now an option in settings * Touch the X on a collapsed post to super-collapse * Halved ram usage * Massive Bug Fix: Cloud syncing favs hasn't actually worked for many people in quite some time * Bug Fix: Fixed app crash on posting via shared link * Bug Fix: Google Play Reported crash on resume * Bug Fix: Crash with long megathreads * Bug Fix: Self search brings to empty search if logged in without restarting app * Bug Fix: Possible fix for launch crash on Android 2.2 devices * Bug Fix: Crash when opening SB from email link then faving thread $ 2.3.3 % v 2.3.3 _ Sep 4, 2013 * Better handling of app resume on low RAM devices * Better handling of mega threads, fastscroll on megathreads >300 replies, fewer crashes * Handling of https shacknews links * Visual tweaks * Bug Fix: Fixed issue where treebranches are sometimes broken randomly $ % v 2.3.2 _ Aug 29, 2013 * New visual styles * Figured out how to make popup browser full screen * Bug Fix: New attempt at preventing popup browser youtube videos from playing in background after it is closed * Bug Fix: Fixed bug where saved searches were not available to donators * Bug Fix: Unending notifications on public server * Optimization: Removed rounded corners to prevent GPU texture memory use which then was GC'd = scroll lag $ 2.3.1 % v 2.3.1 _ Aug 26, 2013 * All users automatically enrolled in slow-notifications * Completely changed the way push notification servers work * Option to ping API servers * DONATORS: you will have to re-register for the fast notification server in options * DONATOR FEATURE: Support for vanity notifications * DONATORS: Changed the way donator features are activated - they are now simply ALL ON after you log into the donator screen once * Bug fix: Fixed a bug with the way notifications are registered with Google $ 2.3.0 % v 2.3.0 _ Aug 23, 2013 * New visual styles * Popup browser options button right on it for people who can't find things * Blue bullet indicates threads you've posted in * Political threads indicated in reply view * Can search for posts you have drafted replies to * Notifications use ticker info * Notification options for vibrate, LED, and sounds * Note: This update will erase reply drafts made in previous versions * Overhaul: Performance improvements from significant reduction in GPU overdraw $ 2.2.1 % v 2.2.1 _ July 30, 2013 * Bug Fix: Fixed the way notifications stack when you a receive a new one but haven't addressed the old one * Bug Fix: Notification related app crash * Bug Fix: Clicking on individual notification does not update seen search for "Replies to me" $ 2.2.0 % v 2.2.0 _ July 28, 2013 * DONATOR FEATURE: Push notifications for replies to your posts. Enable preference in donator area, enable notifications in app-wide prefs. ** This is a donator feature because the push monitoring server I built runs on google app engine which can only handle a small load for free. If we do not come close to the load, this may open to general use. * Search results remembers the last post you saw in search if you have run the search previously, and marks unseen posts for that search * Search results shows the title of premade searches at the top, shows what you're looking at with advanced searches $ 2.1.3 % v 2.1.3 _ July 17, 2013 * Shacktag markup button simplified * XHDPI treebranches = less blurry tree branches * Changed new treebranch indicator * Changed the way username / password are set (for future features) * Cloud syncing is automatically enabled when you verify your username * Cloud syncing can be disabled in Thread List options * Cloud sync default interval changed to 5 minutes * Chattypics login moved to post composer preferences * Disabled sliding when opened via link / intent * Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where images were not detected correctly * Bug Fix: Better support UTF-8 app-wide $ 2.1.2 % v 2.1.2 _ July 15, 2013 * Unseen posts in thread marked by green tree branches with green arrows in threads you've loaded before (option to turn off in reply view prefs) * When opening threads from links in other apps, thread list does not load automatically in background * 4 pixel change in reply view layouts * Bug Fix: Fixed the way the back button works after opening from a link in another app in multiple ways and scenarios * Bug Fix: External intent handling (links) $ 2.1.1 % v 2.1.1 _ July 12, 2013 * DONATOR FEATURE: Auto-collapse and auto-supercollapse threads based on keywords or username. Enable in Unlock DLC area, add filters in menu under "Keyword Filters" * Changed overflow icon to be match opacity of other icons * New scrolling optimizations for thread view * Workaround for youtube app not handling their own URL shortener * Bug Fix: Search doesn't work with split view swapped $ 2.1.0 % v 2.1.0 _ July 11, 2013 * Long press collapsed posts to "super-collapse" them into oblivion (abrasion feature) * Ability to clear lists of collapsed and super collapsed items in threadlist preferences * Long press threads to collapse * Option for swapped left/right split view * Messages now have a reply button in the action bar * Thread data doesnt auto-expire from search results or internal link handling * Changed indeterminate progress bar color to blue from orange * Bug Fix: Vanity search now works after putting in username after prompted when clicking vanity search without username set * Bug Fix: Messages uses newer style anti-overlapping text layout * Bug Fix: Lazy-loading of cloud pinned items in Latest Chatty pane * Bug Fix: Turns out background cloud syncing hasn't actually worked since it went public. Fixed that. * Bug Fix: Single pixel error on split view right side of screen. Float->int bug $ 2.0.5 % v 2.0.5 _ June 27, 2013 * Tweaked progress bars * Volume key nav support for search results * Threadview data "expires" after 1 minute and will not be reused for subsequent openings of the same thread * Support for custom API URL. There are only two API servers for now but feel free to install your own SB API and use that. Check app-wide prefs for more info. * Bug Fix: LOLtags now display in root posts in thread view (bug due to previous optimizations) $ 2.0.4 % v 2.0.4 _ June 20, 2013 * Tweaked colors * Softkeyboard closes when clicking go on advanced search * Spoilers in view post and post preview in post composer now appear with text visible * Bug Fix: Spoiler preview * Bug Fix: App crashes reported to Google play $ 2.0.3 % v 2.0.3 _ June 15, 2013 * New "Find on page" search filter for thread list. Click the magnifying glass! * Minor layout changes * Bug Fix: App menu items not appear after being enabled in options * Bug Fix: App crash when faving thread after reply but before thread loads $ 2.0.2 % v 2.0.2 _ June 14, 2013 * Cloud pinning now available to non-donators. Click menu in thread list and select cloud options to enable. Thanks arhughes! * Layout changes, tweaks, more orange progressbar * Bug Fixes: App crashes reported to Google play $ 2.0.1 % v 2.0.1 _ June 11, 2013 * Check for username before allowing messaging * Pin click in reply view communicates with thread list icon * Reloading reply view refreshes unread count on pinned items in thread list * Threads you've posted in get bold blue reply color * Remove blue highlight line from thread list * Shacknews news posts highlight properly in thread list * XHDPI launcher icon for high res devices * Scroll past favorites option defaults to off * Bug Fix: Posting in Android 2.3 * Bug Fix: App crash on launch with some 2.2 and 2.3 devices $ 2.0.0 % v 2.0.0 _ June 10, 2013 * Fully unified holo-like UI between 4.0+ and 2.3 devices * Ability to collapse posts * New Overflow menu (hardware menu button does something finally!) * Save to favorites on main screen * Favorites display on main screen (Option to bring back separate favorites area) * Cleaned up UI * Took some design cues from new gmail app * Search results moved out of viewpager * New speed optimizations $ % v _ June 6, 2013 * Theming of searches matches rest of app * Rearranged buttonbar buttons * Bug Fix: App crash when returning from preferences in some situations * Usability Fix: Black background for advanced search clear buttons on 2.3 devices * Bug Fix: View post and preview buttons in post composer now obey font size preference * Bug Fix: Font sizes preference causing strange font sizes due to threadview optimizations $ % v _ June 5, 2013 * Slightly tweaked scroll-helper in threadview * Clear buttons on advanced search replaced with little X's inside edittext * Bug Fix: Donator Feature: Saving LOL advanced searches $ 1.7.8 % v 1.7.8 _ June 4, 2013 * >10 new optimizations in thread view backend - 100% performance increase in scrolling * Select text and click markup button for fast shacktags * Redesigned shacktag markup selector * Made it much easier to apply multiple shacktags to selected text * Newlines show up in post previews * Optimized post count caching * Show tree option removed - no longer offers performance benefit * Redesigned advanced search UI * DONATOR FEATURE: Ability to save advanced searches to the quick search list * Bug Fix: Fix for "error loading data" * Fix for non-Samsung devices: text selection in post composer is NOT lost by tapping markup button $ % v _ May 30, 2013 * Preference to turn off tree view for performance * UTF-8 support for non-standard characters like hearts and pi * Bug Fix: Better cleanup of cloud sync thread when activity destroyed $ % v _ May 30, 2013 * Change design of threadview buttons * More things obey font size preference * Update mod list * Update username colors of mods (red) and employees (purple), display in threadview now * Bug Fix: App crash when cloud syncing * Bug Fix: App restart button that appears when changing font sizes actually works again * Bug Fix: Possible fix for "error loading data" with some upgraded users $ 1.7.7 % v 1.7.7 _ May 29, 2013 * Donator Feature: EXPERIMENTAL cloud syncing of favorites ** Syncs with Chromeshack, LC.app, and shackbrowse 1.7.7 on other devices where it has been activated ** Use cloud button on favorites page to activate ** May or may not be available to non-donators in the future * Tweaked layouts based on jojomcbobo's input * XHDPI icons for high res devices * Reply button style changed to be uniform on 2.3 and 4.0 devices * Tweaked some text $ 1.7.6 % v 1.7.6 _ May 25, 2013 * Action bar is hidden in landscape post composing so there is more room for text * Bug Fix: App crash when returning from prefs on messages * Bug Fix: Possible fix for loltag colors on 2.3 devices * Bug Fix: Search choices no longer disappear * Bug Fix: Default settings * Bug Fix: Landscape post bug on smaller phones $ 1.7.5 % v 1.7.5 _ May 22, 2013 * Google Play links never open in popup browser * Ability to do basic search for informative posts * Donator feature: NWS basic search. It's skeezy and I want it hidden away * Popup browser defaults to opening youtube links (change in prefs) * Preferences screen clean up & donator page explanation * Bug Fix: volume keys work in popup browser for volume * Bug Fix: external link handling via intents * Bug Fix: trailing and leading spaces removed from username for search $ 1.7.4 % v 1.7.4 _ May 21, 2013 * Updated look of popup web browser * Tweaked colors, strings, and text sizes * Can share a link to a post with another android app * Show root post LOLs in thread list is now default OFF * Bug Fix: fixed the way copy post URL works * Bug Fix: html tag parsing error on some posts * Bug Fix: disabled extract UI in landscape mode for some devices $ 1.7.3 % v 1.7.3 _ May 16, 2013 * Swapped refresh and preferences buttons app wide * Can view sent messages * Open external button on popup browser closes browser first * Rearranged search according to popularity * Donator features: QuickLOL button. Saves you one tap for [LOL] addicts. Enable in donator area. $ 1.7.2 % v 1.7.2 _ May 6, 2013 * New search page * Support for searching LOLs by tagger in basic search * View Post button in Post Composer allows for text selection and copy/paste (Android 3.0+) * Clicking on search results where the post is already in a loaded thread will just scroll to post instead of reloading thread * Analytics will determine the order of search options in the future. If you are paranoid, opt-out in preferences * Advanced Search Page now has scrolling for small screens in splitview * Revert: Pull to refresh in thread reply view. Unfixable bugs due to library structure. * Bug fix: Posts not selected/shown after search (via reversion) * Bug fix: Posts not selected/shown after reply (via reversion) * Bug fix: Hardware Search button crash / remove old search activity $ % v _ May 6, 2013 * Bug fix: Weird ThomW data causing poorly handled exception * Bug fix: Icon and start slider should never show up on orientation change $ % v _ May 4, 2013 * Bug fix: Crash when clicking spoiler (due to changed data structure due to pull to refresh library) $ 1.7.1 % v 1.7.1 _ May 4, 2013 * Pull to refresh * Long click threads to add to favorites $ 1.7.0 % v 1.7.0 _ May 4, 2013 * Ability to create new shackmessages * Messageview shows unread messages * Messages are marked as read on server when you open them * Message replies fill old post into text editor * Send shackmessages to a user by clicking their username * Search posts and send messages by clicking usernames or under the 3 dots menu on every post * Improved popup browser: Clicked links bring up progress bar again * Improved popup browser: Back button goes back instead of closing webview unless history is empty * Option to turn off swipe to dismiss * Replaced replyview close button with preferences button on replyview menubar * Preference changes now take immediate effect in thread reply view * Changing font sizes prompts for app restart * Bug Fix: Back button can dismiss reply view in splitview mode * Bug Fix: Crash when replying * Bug Fix: Crash when donating * Bug Fix: Crash on particular youtu.be links $ 1.6.1 % v 1.6.1 _ May 2, 2013 * Donator limes reset due to security vulnerability. Someone made a keygen. You must re-register for your lime. * Donator option to turn off lime display * Potential fix for all dates reading as 1969 * Minor layout changes (padding related) * Post composer should auto save draft when app is paused now * Fixed date problem in messages fragment $ 1.6.0 % v 1.6.0 _ Apr 30, 2013 * Threads now slide in, fragment stays loaded, should be faster * Unified threadview for split view and non-split view * Shackmessages can be replied to, but cannot compose from scratch yet * Emergency fix for shacknews.com change in login * arhughes API disabled temporarily. All calls go to woggle in this version until his API server is fixed $ % v _ Apr 27, 2013 * Fixed multiple showstopping bugs including not being able to reply * Fixed app crashes * Fixed the way back button works for splitview chatty links * Fixed multiple donator lime registration bugs * Reminder: your donator lime will not show up until you register in the donation area in preferences $ 1.5.2 % v 1.5.2 _ Apr 27, 2013 * Share images and text links to Shack Browse from any android app * (Tablets) Intents and clicked chatty links now respect splitview setting, back button supported too * MAJOR reorganization in backend application communication; bugs may result * Back button reverses fullscreen mode in split view * Revert swapping of buttons on compose post * Revert back button exit confirmation * Bug fix: crash due to bag login data on messages area * Donator features: lime icon. Check donation area to enable $ 1.5.1 % v 1.5.1 _ Apr 25, 2013 * MASSIVE FIX: reversed Android 3.0+ OS regression, network connections now open concurrently * Popup browser does not dismiss on orientation change, also resizes. * Landscape post composer layout works without enabling orientation lock * "abrasion mode" Post and preview buttons merged on root posts with option for all posts * Confirmation before back-buttoning out of program * Remove gradient backgrounds, other layout tweaks * Option to only nuke expired threads with favorites trashcan * Favorites trashcan is immediate * Default option is for popup browser not to open youtube links * Links in messages work * Cleaned up donation page * Bug fix: Invisible reply button $ 1.5.0 % v 1.5.0 _ Apr 24, 2013 * Basic shackmessage support, no sending yet * Remove soft keyboard from donate page * Shackpics.com support * Youtu.be support * Donation button should now show when you have unlocked features * Bug fix: fixed a bug with dates showing only day of week for old posts * todo: accept share intent for pics * Bug fix: searchresults "No results found" * Bug fix: reloading thread doesnt scroll to previous position * Bug fix: preferences for show shack tags and show mod tags reversed * Bug fix: Copy URL copying wrong URL in edge cases $ 1.4.10 % v 1.4.10 _ Apr 15, 2013 * Attempt at allowing donations through in-app billing * Time now shown in terms of hours since now. Option to return to old style in prefs * Landscape mode in compose post view * Threads you make auto favorite after loading * Bug Fix: search results no results found * Bug Fix: Threads you create will auto-load in thread view * Bug fix: crash with portrait picture taking in compose view * Bug fix: open all images button displays in wrong order $ 1.4.9 % v 1.4.9 _ Apr 6, 2013 * Changed color of links to be closer to Shacknews * Clicking me button on searchview without username setting results in dialog bringing you directly to preference screen * Username not set dialogs bring you directly to login credentials preference screen * Software keyboards have search button when editing search text * Bug fix: uncolored posts in thread view weirdly locked open after searching to get there * Bug fix: strange bugs with selecting a post after replying and returning * Bug fix: fixed handling of underline shacktag * Bug fix: added colored underlines in shacktag parser * Bug fix: Shacktag nested colors/underlines now work - the only android app which does this correctly $ 1.4.8 % v 1.4.8 _ Apr 3, 2013 * Attempt at clamping scrolling when clicking on new posts * Bug fix: bg disappears when clicking on text in expanded post $ 1.4.7 % v 1.4.7 _ Apr 1, 2013 * Google play added to youtube exclusion option in preferences * Autozoom images in web browser with option in preferences, also allows tweaking the amount of zoom * Clicking on things gives a nice highlight effect * New API server available in options - woggle.net. Ping on your pc to determine speed advantage * Use Volume Buttons is now DEFAULT ON - this feature is awesome and I demand more people use it * Cleaned up preferences and descriptions * Bug Fix: links in spoilers $ 1.4.6 % v 1.4.6 _ Apr 1, 2013 * Orientation lock in preferences * Post preview in post composer * Add preferences button to compose post view * Option to open only images in popup browser * Option to open everything but youtube in the popup browser * Dropbox support for image viewer * Can search lol tags by author * Date-sorting for lol author searches * Autoload new pages with scroll down in lol search results * Unspoiled text no longer underlined * Selecting text and hitting shack tag button in post composer loads selected text into prompt * Bug fix: shacktag button in compose post inserts text where cursor is * Bug fix: Search results pane shows "No results" when sliding back to it after sliding from favorites, even if there are results. $ 1.4.5 % v 1.4.5 _ Mar 29, 2013 * shacklol tag search now times out * searchresults has cleaner "no results" page * Bug fix: changelog button in preferences * Bug fix: fixed thread not refreshing after reply * Bug fix: thomW server timeouts result in 5 minute wait before trying again * Bug fix: white backgrounds for non-image popup browser items % v 1.4.4 _ Mar 28, 2013 * grendel mode - if a post has multiple image links, these can be opened all at once in a single popup browser click to test (work safe) * images in popup browser are zoomed to fit their width, only works with some images, has bugs * volume button scroll now works in thread list view * whats new dialog * return of black separater between opened replies * whats new available from preferences * bug fix: made it harder to accidentally trigger link long click * bug fix: fixed problem with volume button scrolling not displaying whole post if at the bottom * bug fix: tweaked scroll helper for posts which arent immediately visible when clicked * bug fix: possible fix for devices which dont show dates * bug fix: app crash when trying to use volume buttom scroll on thread list view * bug fix: replies not refreshing after making a post in landscape mode * bug fix: thread not opening after making a new post in landscape mode $ 1.4.3 % v 1.4.3 _ Mar 26, 2013 * Search for lol, tag, unf, and inf for thomw shacklol tags * choose date range for shacktag search * updated result view for shacktag search * op username highlights a certain color * your own username highlights unless you have usernames off, the your post text highlights * fixed bug where clicking on post after a long post leaves you scrolled to the wrong post. very very difficult because android sucks. $ 1.4.1 % v 1.4.1 _ Mar 24, 2013 * potential fix for date bug on some devices $ 1.4.0 % v 1.4.0 _ Mar 23, 2013 * ultra basic probably broken support to show up todays highest lolled posts. once i figure out the UI this will be expanded and refined. * favorites finally work correctly * favorites sort by time posted * dual pane mode now a preference * fullscreen button for thread view pane in split mode * bugfix: longpress on url triggered by vertical scroll on link $ 1.3.12 % v 1.3.12 _ Mar 18, 2013 * Bug fix: volume button scroll nonfunctional for root post * Bug fix: make favorites appear after being saved without refresh. * Bug fix: thread view button bar being pushed down when hit refresh button in landscape * Bug fix: mod tags not work right, inaccurate $ 1.3.11 % v 1.3.11 _ Mar 17, 2013 * tablet fix $ 1.3.10 % v 1.3.10 _ Mar 17, 2013 * more color changes * moved save thread button to menubar * favorites show up when added w/o refresh * Fix bugs with drafts >1 line, made max drafts = 50 * zoom support for composer, search results, search pane * implemented android up button on app icon * handle super deep threads with collapse treeview * fixed searchresults disappearing with rotation * threadview shows year for old posts * added long click to links. took hours, but i did it $ 1.3.9 % v 1.3.9 _ Mar 16, 2013 * ThomW's crappy ShackLOL server will no longer halt the program. if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load LOLs the server will timeout and posts will load * new colors (thanks ryuuseki) * compose post view allows you to save drafts to disk (limited to 3 drafts for now) * Compose post too short for shacknews gives error * Shack tags in compose post view * View parent post from compose post view * Compose post view brings up dialog if you typed something and tried to exit * new icons in the button bar * auto close keyboard when not on search page * fixed copying wrong url for post, fix loltag wrong post * added refresh & settings button to menubar in threadview * fixed click on last post scroll bug * fixed wierd bug where loading throbber or saved thread button show up where they shouldnt especially on older devices * fixed fullscreen load throbber with invisible load on search results * tweaked treebranches * click on username in threadview to search users posts * fixed search button for devices with hardware search buttons $ 1.3.8 % v 1.3.8 _ Mar 14, 2013 * filters work correctly $ 1.3.6 % v 1.3.6 _ Mar 11, 2013 * Saved threads should be feature complete, works in a sane way. Click a saved thread to mark new replies as read. Refresh button simply updates reply counts but does not mark as read * Throbber in threadview when loading and screen blank * version number in preferences * closing videos in web view will not leave video playing in background * many small bugs fixed $ 1.3.5 % v 1.3.5 _ Mar 10, 2013 * thread view now shows loading icon while loading * fixed double loading post bug * fixed saved threads buttons not working * remove "replies" from replies tags, now just number * fixed bugs relating to orientation change on saved threads * fixed saved threads double loading * errors are back: toasts now. hopefully cause fewer crashes than dialogs? $ 1.3.4 % v 1.3.4 _ Mar 10, 2013 * fix for large tablets * fixed landscape view * fixed NUMEROUS force closes * fixed search results page bugs $ 1.3.1 % v 1.3.1 _ Mar 9, 2013 * treeview in comments make it very easy to follow structure * treeview scales with font zoom settings * removed loading row * new items in list now load before you get to the bottom * loading icons in buttonbars now * Saved threads works from all threadviews including search * Changed saved threads to buttons * removed and restructured much of back end $ END_OF_CHANGE_LOG